Friday, November 18, 2011

Sense and Sensitivity

People tell me that I'm a very emotional person, too sensitive for my own good. And then they suggest this absurd thing where they tell me to change that about myself. How does one do it? How can you 'fine tune' your emotional responses? The whole point of rationality and irrationality is the fact that irrationality and responses are your own and how one reacts to primeval stuff is something we cannot be taught. Then why does everyone believe that emotions can be controlled?
Sensitive people, I believe are the most alive. Why? Because they react, emotionally. They are most responsive and they somehow tend to go that extra mile in all relationships.
Now, comes the tricky part. When someone is mean or when you are hurt, how do you react? Because the 'best' answer I get from people is, "Don't react to it. She/He doesn't matter." Ya, well, if you don't react to people who you're close to, then who? So, where do we draw this line where we divide people into two: One, who are allowed to hurt me and those who aren't. Really? Will this ever work? Because more often than not, we feel bad from comments from complete strangers too. This is not a very clear post in terms of structure, but I really hope I'm getting my point across. What I am basically trying to ask is, how do you tell your brain to react to only a few people/things?
I constantly ask myself, why do I feel bad about things where I had no hand? If someone deliberately wanted to hurt, its their conscience and their problem, right? Or is it ours, because we allow someone to do that? Bah. Confusing.
As I'm growing up, I've realised only one thing. No one, absolutely no one who truly loves you will hurt you on purpose.
I'm deviating. Sorry. I was pondering on where to draw that imaginary line? My friend Saad says that she only gives her five best friends that power. Maybe, I can try that. Even best friends let people down, but love does not go. But the 'letting down' or hurting in this case, will be unconscious.

PS: Bollywood music rules!!! Gimme more of 'Lucky Boy' and 'Tere mast mast do nain'!!
PSS: Exams in 6 six days! BAH!


  1. Hey. I got what you're saying and I completely agree. I'm just like what your described too and for a very long time I tried to not be that way not get so emotionally attached and stuff but such things don't help. Pushing yourself to not get attached and controlling your emotions ..these things don't work that way. We are like this and the faster we accept it the better. And it's not a "sad" state to be in. Just the way you said ..about such people being the most "alive". So ya :)
    But yes, there are times when you naturally stop being that way because of so many reasons. That time it's for real and if that happens, you should let that happen too.

    Sorry for writing a post in reply to your post :P

  2. Hey!
    Its awesome to know that someone else resonates and adds to your thoughts! I feel ya.