Saturday, November 27, 2010

Finally getting closure

Well. Ahem.
I'm done.
And I hate it when I am done. Cuz after that, I am completely clueless. I am lost. Bah!

I don't know of anyone else who has let go of people who love her tremendously so easily as I do. I can count Bhavika(my best friend of four years), Vineet(after a friendship of 8 years), Zain(after four years. Four amazing years), Nidhi(after the things we had been through, its amazing how we are apart), NIKITA(my baby).
It feels like closure. Finally.

But do I miss them? Yes. I miss the times we had together. I don't think anyone can have as much fun with people as I've had with them. I told you, these are the people who I let go. I don't know of people who wanted to get rid of me. But yes, these are the people with whom, love just eventually went away. So did friendship. All from my side.
Do I regret it? No. Cuz now I've come to realize that things don't last forever. And its best to let go than hold on for no reason. Yes, friendship, as deep as ours, then, is not a reason enough. Sadly. These friendships had a time period I guess. There are no messy fights. Just a realization that its time to make an exit.
I guess, now I am on the cross roads of the same thing. And I don't know what to do. I don't know if I can go back to the same thing.

But I never stopped caring.


  1. Everything in the universe is temporary: changing, or rather evolving, spontaneously. I guess, we have just one option to chose from: to flow with the current rather than trying to clutch onto what we weren't meant to have any more ...

    It's great you realized it. :)

  2. Yeah it is. Humans are just a harder thing to let go. Sigh! Sad but true.