Sunday, December 12, 2010

Still, Frame

'I know I always think and write..'

My attempts, my feeble attempts to write a story have not borne any fruit as of now. Not even an orange! PS: I <3 Oranges. Anyway, I want to write so bad! Without any interruptions and worries. After exams? Maybe. I'll start writing at night and go on till the morning. My hostel room is quaint too. Sadly, I can't find my Jhumpa. JHUMPA! I miss you. Maybe, thats why I am not able to write. I want to read this particular story about this guy who loved this girl. But it gets better than that, duh. The reason I want to read it is cuz the guy was doing his PhD in Literature. HAHA! I know, its weird that I don't remember the story but I remember that!

I will write. I will write insanely. That is my resolution for the year 2011.



  1. My thoughts -- ditto.
    Wouldn't it have been better to simply 'upgrade' yourself to your new goals? Well, that would have at least been simple and assured, if we were -- say a computer ... However, we've got to carry on with this 'human' life, and still manage to upgrade ourselves...

    I'll inform you when I finally 'teach myself' to write 'insanely'! That will some success, I hope...