Monday, October 1, 2012

If There Was A Box

If there was a box to put all your negative thoughts in, it would be so wonderful. I wish negative thoughts were tangible. Positive thoughts on the other hand should be like air, encompassing and free and feel like warm hugs. But negative thoughts should have been like tangible objects, surveilled and then disposed off. Today I realized how much anger and negativity I have in me and how important it is for me to convert it into something positive or get rid of those feelings.
How does one do that? Take away all the rationalised anger and negativity and make oneself anew? Is it not difficult? At 2 in the library, I am trying to change myself, to become a better person. Perhaps, it could be done by  thinking about the negativity causing thoughts and their roots. The next step could be to decide whether these thoughts are worthy of your time anyway. If yes, then we move on to the next step. But if not, then we assume that those thoughts are like a one-time poop and get rid of them. Moving on, if one cannot get rid of those thoughts so easily, one should maybe think about whether their presence will make me happier in any way. If not, then again we repeat the poop excercise. If yes, then we modify ourselves accordingly. All this brain muddle is taking place in the brain and not outside. What you believe is more important, if you are not a narcissistic idiot. Haha!

People in a majorly social work institute are disappointing me. But then again, who cares? 

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