Sunday, September 26, 2010

I am sorry Mr. Awesome

Sometimes, I feel like I am the MOST retarted person in the world! Seriously. And the way I treat Mr. Awesome, I feel worse. I mean, you cannot find a more perfect-er boyfriend. He is soo sweet and nice and calm and loving and caring and adorable and pretty and everything. Touch wood. But I am so insecure that I make it hell for him. Sigh.
I am very insecure. Very. Its sad. But I will promise myself that I won't be. If I can't trust him, I cannot trust anyone. :/ Haina?
Sometimes, its good to be insecure and possesive. But once it goes over the limit, you are just driving the other person up the wall. Sigh. I am not going to torture Mr. Awesome again.

I heart you.

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