Monday, September 20, 2010

Yay! My first Picture Post!

This is my hostel room the first I set it up. The camera is so blah. I wish I could capture the way it looked. Cuz it looked PRETTY! And clean and stuff. And I don't know the best way to put it, but this is my FIRST 'alone' room. It's yet to become home-y sorts.

This is my notebook and pen and stuff. I love writing. And I love using coloured pens. I like doodling. But not to the extent of loving it. I'd rather write a pseudo-intellectual-part-blah poem than draw people's faces. Cuz...1. I SUCK at drawing.
2. I suck at it so much I had to mention it twice!

This is College. Well, a part of it. I promised myself I will take random snapshots of it and here's one on a monday morning. Its after the rains. College is soooooo gorgeous, especially in winters and rains. Sigh! PS: I know it's not evident from the picture. I did mention I am not brilliant with photos.


  1. ur writing hasnt changed at all astha

  2. Sigh! You noticed? That is VERY sweet :)