Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My first RANT! Yay!

Gilmore Girls! I love love love that show! You know, the problem with me is that I am VERY indecisive! Bery Bery! I mean, like today, I was thinking whether I even need this space. I already write in my journal. is there a need to spread the weirdness when the world already is brimming with it? I didn't mean to write that. Bah! I need to assert myself more. Especially in front of people who think who can get away with putting me down. See, I don't write stuff like this in my diary. Why! Why is life soo confusing? I mean, EVERYTHING in this world is. I love Mister Awesome. I do. I know there is nothing like it. Sigh! touch wood. I am writing and erasing stuff all the time now! Why! Its soo annoying! Oh. BTW, I still don't know where I stand with some people. Hahah :( Dear God, give me brains to identify people. I am erasing stuff again. I don't get it. Why do people have to be so secretive? I mean, get a life! You know, if you share what you are doing in your assignment, it might get you lessar marks but it will make you a bigger person.
But I guess it's not in fashion to be all-giving now. It's cool if you're a kiss ass and a bitch and self-centered and mean. And its totally awesome if you do well then!
Well, no matter how much my parents, including my little sister, tell me that I am a push over, I refuse to change. I agree I am not perfect, but ATLEAST I can respect some of the aspects of my personality. I have an issue with my confidence. But I am working on it by listening to Girl Empowering songs and wearing t's that have really cool, I-AM-ALL-GIRL messages on them ;)

PS: It's time I stopped erasing what I write. It's time I started answering back, properly (and not just getting defensive).

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